Purpose of Academy for Educational Development

The mission of the Academy for Educational Development is to create a big and positive difference in the lives of many through collaboration in order to offer and apply innovative methods to economic and social problems. It aims to have a world where everyone can have the chance to make use of their capacities and make great contributions for the well being of their society, family, country, and world.

Driven by strong personal commitment, the organization aims to make a big difference to the lives the needy or underprivileged. It respects people and their culture with whom it collaborates with. Along with beneficiaries and donors, AED aims to reach measurable goals and hand in solutions that are sustainable enough and can meet the needs for development. It also strives for accountability and transparency and high ethical standards without any political influence. Quality is the backbone for the success of the organization.

The global organization reflects the world's diversity. It respects the uniqueness of every individual and aims to make an environment that is inclusive wherein employees can work well by realizing their capabilities in life. Furthermore, as part of its wide ranging mission, AED aims to improve work competence regardless of differences between peoples.

AED works to cultivate a workplace by promoting understanding and acceptance of differences regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, culture, ethnicity, age, religion, and other diversities. Thus, it works efficiently and continuously across cultures. Moreover, it aims to offer education, resources, and training to all of its staff and members in order to improve competence towards working with different people.

Ever since it was founded, AED has also functioned to improvise decision making for workforce development and educational reform. It works in all educational system levels while focusing on the achievement of students and preparation of teachers.


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