Academy for Educational Development

The Academy for Educational Development or AED, a non-profit organization is a society for flourishing societies. Founded in 1961 by Sidney Tickton and Alvin Eurich, it aims to develop many areas including health, economic, civil society, and education. It operates together with national and local partners and beneficiaries and donors in order to promote results that are sustainable through comprehensive and cost-efficient approaches. As a member of the US Global Leadership Coalition, the organization strives to face economic as well as social challenges.

There are 5 major areas that surrounds AED. These areas are:

  • Nutrition, Population, and Global Health
  • Institutional Development and Leadership
  • Global Learning
  • Workforce and US Education Development
  • Social Change

The organization earns it success through its different core values. It helps people with passion, respect, results integrity, innovation, diversity, and excellence.

The organization operates over two hundred fifty programs within the United States and in over a hundred and fifty countries worldwide. Currently, the organization also focuses on three extensive areas including compositional diversity, organizational diversity and inclusion, diversity and cultural competence.

The Academy for Educational Development is strongly supported by many dedicated individuals, organizations, corporations, government agencies, and multilateral agencies. What enables the academy to respond to its needs, grow fresh strategies, and discover new discoveries and technologies are unlimited funds from every donor. Some of the many coalitions and associations include American Red Cross, CDC Foundation, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, and Engender Health. Examples of corporations include Coca-Cola, Chevron Texaco, IBM, and many more. Some multilateral agencies include The World Bank, UNICEF, Asian Development Bank, WHO, and Inter-American Development Bank.

The AED is based in Washington, DC and has hundreds of centers all over the world. It is run by Gregory R. Niblett, its CEO and president. Currently all AED programs are transferred to FHI 360.


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