Academy for Educational Development History

Sidney Tickton and Alvin Eurich are the two people responsible for establishing the Academy for Education Development also known as AED. Established in 1961, the organization focused on offering technical assistance associated to managing higher education in the USA. A few years after its foundation it expanded its scope and included education reform, instructional technology, and support of civil society in America and the world. Ever since it was created, AED has transformed into a leading organization for social and human development.

From the smallest areas to larger cities around the globe, AED has been building local capabilities to strengthen education, economic opportunities, leadership capacities, and health care. The organization's very first assignment in 1961 involved studying the system if higher education in Kansas. Since then it has approached its mission in education as a way of catering to societies needs.

By 1968, AED showcased its programs to El Salvador for the evaluation of instructional technology. Its very first global project was the El Salvador Instructional TV. That was the beginning of many more great programs. During the late seventies, it launched it very first initiative for behavior change. At that time, public health practices for treating diarrheal diseases were a failure. Thus, AED strived to focus on the behavior of mothers as the answer, providing them skills and knowledge in administering oral rehydration therapy. They used mass media to reach thousands of affected families.

In 1987, AED expanded its scope and applied lessons on changing the behaviors of health towards AIDS through a USAID funded program known as AIDSCOM. In 1991, the lessons that AED has learned through the years from different countries were applied to the United States. It started collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to help the spread of AIDS. Today, thanks to the wonderful efforts for advancing knowledge, many people have benefited from AED's undying goals.


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